Here ye, here ye.

We are gathered on this here blog post to share some exciting news with you, our beloved Zifyers (we’re still struggling on what to call you lovable bunch, we’re contemplating launching a survey to get your trusted opinions). We’ve added two key functions to our mobile application that are quite spectacular if you ask me.

Loyalty & Rewards

We’re gradually rolling out a Loyalty & Rewards program which will follow a simple principle: the more you carpool, the more Coins you collect that you can then convert into badass prizes or decide to collect in your bank account as little boost to survive at the end of your month like some financial fairy godmother.

Each kilometer you carpool, or attempt to carpool as a driver by publishing your trip on Zify, you collect 1 Coin. Pretty straightforward no? 20 Coins is the equivalent of €1 that you can decide to send back to your bank account in 500 Coin intervals.

In terms of our kickass gifts, pay attention to the list below:

- Carwash discounts to have your car looking like a brand new whistle
- Parking discounts so you can save yourself the hassle of finding your carpark AND getting your car washed all while pursuing your office banter by the water cooler
- A super top secret tech gadget that’ll make James Bond jealous. I can’t say anymore, I’m bound by the secrecy of MI6 and I’m all about rules and regulations. Nobody should trust me with their secrets
- A pair of cinema vouchers. Nuff’ said
- Amusement park tickets so you can stuff your faces with hotdogs, corndogs or whatever kind of dog you’re into (we don’t judge)

Refer & Earn

Get your friends on Zify and collect EVEN MORE COINS (it’s raining coins up in here). You’re that person at every party that circles through the crowd, gets everyone’s name then says “Sharon, right?” Even though you already asked for her name 4 times and spoke at length about Tibet while cueing for the only bathroom in Jason’s small apartment.

Refer a Passenger, take 25 Coins, you deserve them.
Refer a Driver, WHA-WHA-WHAT here’s 50 Coins.
Whoever you invites also gets 10 credits to go cruising for free.

It’s the circle of life